Saturday, November 8, 2008

I love fall time

I took a walk on Friday afternoon with Marley. The air was crisp, the leaves were crunchy and beautiful, school was just letting out. It was the best time! I haven't relaxed like that in I don't know how long. We just walked and listened to the woodpecker pecking and the little sparrows chirping and hopping around on the leaves, and watched the squirrels run up and down the trees, the school kids just getting out running around excited to go home. I miss the days of getting out of class, looking for friends in the halls, hoping that mom would suprise you with a ride home but still enjoying the walk when she didn't.
Anyway, I picked up a leaf off the ground, it was yellow mostly, with little bits of brown on the edges where it was drying out and tiny bits of green left in the center trying to hold on to summer. Being in the relaxed state that I was made me think a little outside the box about my pretty leaf. How with life we are sometimes like that leaf, the yellow being life, happy and content, adjusting to the inevitable changes around us. The spots of brown being the parts in us that have had too much of change, that are tired and worn out, and are maybe trying to ruin the excitement of it and last the green bits, holding on desperately to what used to be, the old season before the change. . . too much time on my hands probably.
Even still I love the fall. It's beautiful. It's relaxing. It's my favorite season. And it's finally here.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Healthy Holidays

ATTENTION!!!! I am a new follower of my friend Kelly's blog check it out!! She is starting a challenge for the Holidays. The link is under my Check it Out. Do it with us. Not only will you avoid those pesky holiday pounds but you could win the Grand Prize of a current $60. The more people who join, the bigger the pot. I am so excited to start and am willing to do whatever it takes to win, even if it means skipping the pumpkin pie. I have been trying to be healthier lately and I feel good. I have stopped drinking Diet Coke (it was a good friend to me) but suprisingly I don't miss it (Except when the headaches kick in). I have also picked up jump rope. It's not as easy as I remember on the play ground. For some reason my body thinks that jumping over and over is work instead of entertainment.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Any Excuse....

I will take any excuse I can get if it means flying home to Utah. I just got home from 5 days in the snow state. One of my best friends Stacy just got married. Congratulations Stacy and Scott!! It was a fabulous wedding. Pink was everywhere. Little flower girls, proud mothers. Stacy was radiant!
Of course for me everything is an adventure, and this trip was no exception. My last trip to Utah started off with me some how missing my flight being 29 minutes early instead of 30 so needless to say this trip I left home with hours to spare. I got on the plane without a hitch, landed in Chicago for a quick layover which quickly became longer and longer and longer, I am trying to learn patience I guess, an hour after I was supposed to land in the promised land I boarded the plane. While waiting for my luggage I noticed that everyone I recognized from my flight had come and gone. Turned out that 3 1/2 hours isnt long enough to get a bag from one plane to the next, so now with zero patience, clothes, make up or anything I needed for the wedding the next day I finally left the airport.

David and Marley turned our cute little apartment into a bachelor pad while I was away. Puppy and food in the bed, sleeping on the couch watching football. Both complaining of belly aches from all the junk food. Just being boys.

I love spending time with my family while I am home. Hearing all of the boy stories Jessica has and now all of the girl stories Cam has. Just sitting and talking with mom and dad. I am always asking to go out to eat while I am home, a different place everynight. For me it is a great way to enjoy eachother. You just sit, have something to eat and talk. I remember going out to eat when I was younger (I'm still young), sometimes with the entire family, sometimes just mom and dad or sometimes just the two of us. I LOVED those times, we got away from the crazy every day business, the phone ringing, the different schedules, lessons, checking the bread, leaving with boyfriends. It was just us. We had nothing else to worry about but eachother. That's why I still love to go out. It brings back all of those great talks we had and the laughs and sometimes trying new foods together (jalapeno seeds Jess) and those mean the world to me. A couple trips ago Dad took me to Apollo Burger. It was the best time. I am crying just thinking about it. He and I would go to Apollo burger all the time when I was little. We would be running errands all day in his blue truck or the black suburban and he would just pull in to Apollo. We would always order pastrami burgers and onion rings. So when he took me there recently we got pastrami burgers and onion rings and sat and talked. That's a great memory.
I have so many memories like that. When Grandpa Carson lived with us he would take me to the Drug store and we would get malt shakes almost everyother day. I loved that time together. The list goes on and on of special memories I have over food, which could explain my obsession with the Food Network or vice versa. Who knows? All I know is that I love going to eat with people I love.